It is important to create spaces that nurture your Soul, and allow you to feel invigorated and rejuvenated so that you can live your best life. Come home to a place that lifts your spirit and makes you feel fabulous to be in your space. Does your home inspire you?

Secrets of the Elite

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.21.14 AM Do you ever have the sensation that what you are dreaming of or hoping for in your home and life is not happening as fast as you would like? We live in a culture that wants a quick fix. I do believe that things can happen at a more rapid rate when you align your goals and intentions with a space that supports and nurtures those dreams. That being said, I also want to share another element that is important to incorporate when dreaming big… you are dreaming big, right? Here is a behind the Read more [...]

8 Tips to have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Home & Life

img_2826 Did you feel it too? No sooner were the plates cleared from Thanksgiving, attention shifted to focus on Black Friday, shopping and the holidays ahead.  It felt different this year with the momentum and interest of holiday shopping and to-do lists being more intense than years passed. In many ways it made me miss the cadence of ease and grace that permeated the holiday season when my children were young or before the days of “Black Friday”. I heard stories of friends joining the throngs Read more [...]

NBC Wanted to Know How to Have Holiday Harmony…

NBC Segment 11-2015 Image NBC called and wanted to know how to achieve Holiday Harmony in your home. You can watch my video here where I share my suggestions, but I also added some additional suggestions below ... Did you know that there are Simple Solutions you can implement when you are hosting overnight guests that will help your holiday’s flow with ease and grace? Entertaining or welcoming overnight guests into your home can create stress, especially during the holidays. This stress is often exacerbated during Read more [...]

4 Simple Clutter Tips

Clutter Are you having trouble with clutter in your home, mind or business? I am constantly asked how to remove the chaos of clutter. It seems that you and I are inundated with a barrage of things coming at us. These can be items in a store or on TV that are enticing or information on the web that piles up and clutters the mind. This inundation creates a sense of overwhelm and confusion. Whether it is items that tax the brain or clog the closet, this clutter is a heavy burden to bear leaving you feeling Read more [...]

Do You Have Belonging-Buildup?

HomeDepot_ad_July9_2015 Image “Clear the Clutter” seems to be the slogan you see in stores or hear on the radio. I walked into one of the Big hardware stores looking for a durable outdoor coffee table. To my surprise, the outdoor section had been replaced by storage containers of every size!  Although this might feel like the newest trend, you and I know that it should be considered more than a marketing fad geared at selling plastic boxes. The challenge is this; although you might feel that containers hold the solution Read more [...]