In this frantic paced world of technology and over extended commitments, learn how to quiet your mind, relax and take a deep breath. In your ever increasing, fast paced world of technology you are inundated with constant stressors.  These include your 24/7 ability to be in contact through cell phones, computers and media.  Gone are the 9 to 5 work days, replaced by stressful jobs with increased responsibilities and constant travel. Your kids are over involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities and the PTO volunteer position has turned into a full time over committed job.  It is time to incorporate some form of stress management, relaxation and grounding technique that will allow you to take that much needed deep breath.  Do you still remember how to take that full, expanding deep breath?  Do you remember what it feels like to be unplugged? Can you step away from your phone for a moment and connect to yourself, those around you and the environment?

Here are a variety of ways that I can help you create a Calm & Clear Mind:

Creating Calm

We live in a fast paced world that is filled with constant demands that create anxiety and stress.  Finding calm, balance and harmony is the key to living in a state of joy in all moments everyday.  This state of Being-ness is the ultimate foundation for maneuver gracefully through the twists and turns of turmoil that unfold in life.  You will learn techniques to manage and move through your life with ease and grace.

Relaxation Techniques

Finding calm in the midst of chaos is imperative in the whirlwind of everyday living.  Let Home in Harmony Lifestyle give you easy, proven techniques to allow you to take that much needed sigh of relief.  Release that which know longer serves you and open to the joy of living an extraordinary life in balance and harmony.

Stress Management

Elevated stress levels are the norm in today’s world.  Stressful jobs, overtaxed parenting and the ability to be connected by technology 24/7 have led to a state of constant stress.  Stress is the body’s innate instinct, which propels our species to react in life threatening situations.  This has served us well over the millennium by allowing our species to continue to flourish.  The body is designed to feel the effects of stress for a limited time and go back to a place of equilibrium. Unfortunately with the inundation of stress you walk around in a state of stress-overload that taxes the body physically, mentally and emotionally.  Incorporating stress management techniques will help you to return to a balanced and harmonious way of being.

Cultivating Mindful Meditation

Meditation is not only for those willing to venture into yoga classes or those with their heads wrapped in turbans while smelling scents from the 60’s.  Meditation restores equanimity from the demands of everyday living.  Learn simple and effective techniques that will help center you so that you can be more efficient and effective in all aspects of your life.

Interior Alignment

Interior Alignment is a balancing of your mind, body and spirit.  Begin to live fully and flourish by finding inner peace and a sense of grounding.  Align to your natural state of being that gives you the foundation to move with effortless grace creating the magnificent tapestry of your life.

Nurture, Balance, Heal & Transform

Self-care is fundamental for all and elusive to most.  Finding ways to nurture your essence and create equanimity within is critical in living your best life.  Heal by releasing old ways of being and transform by finding new ways of presence.  Implementing self-care techniques that bring balance and joy and help you to nurture, balance, heal and transform your life.

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Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary