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Let’s Celebrate!

Wow, it’s true! Time flies when you are having fun! It is hard to believe that a full year has gone by and it is time to celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary of the Home in Harmony Book! In a culture that is often focused on what is ahead it is important to pause and reflect on where have been, where you are and how far you have come or how much you have grown. In this weeks video I share with you why it is important to look back to see the distance you have traveled in your life, celebrate Read more [...]

Now Is The Perfect Time!

People often ask me to help change something that is not going so well in their life. Sometimes it is dissatisfaction with their home, their body, feeling frazzled or overwhelmed, a lack of excitement with life, wishing they could make money doing something they love or wanting to feel energized and vibrant. Can you relate? I have 2 Simple Solutions to help you change the pattern you are in to create the exceptional and rewarding life you deserve! The first Simple Solution is to realize Read more [...]