Be inspired to create a healthy body filled with an abundance of energy and vitality.  Become aware of healthful choices that you can make in the foods you eat and the products you bring into your home.  “You are what you eat” is really a true statement.  Are you aware that the majority of commercially manufactured food items are laden with toxic chemicals that become ‘stuck‘ in our bodies creating fatigue, weight gain and dis-ease in our bodies?  Or, are you eating Miracle Rich Foods that restore your body’s natural function, increase your energy and allow you to have the body you have always dreamed of? Do you feel alive with vitality and energy or are you fatigued and feeling sick? Allow yourself to feel great!

Here are a variety of ways that I can help you create a Healthy Body:

Wellness & Detox

Are you feeling sluggish and tired…. and it is only the start of the school year?  Have you been eating too much pasta, snacks and dessert? Do you want to be liberated from the cravings that rule your life?  Then this 12 Day Detox & Wellness Program is for you!

There are two levels being offered for the Wellness & Detox Programs.

Level 1: Wellness

The first level is for you if you want to understand and have the knowledge of why our health is in decline, where toxins come from and how you can minimize your exposure and their impact on your health and your body.

Level 2: Detox & Wellness

The second level is for those that want to take it to the next level! You want to understand the why, the where and the how. And, you want to take action and rid your body of the “body burden” of toxins that we are exposed to everyday from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. This is not a “fast”, and it is not about starvation! It is a specific food program designed to reduce inflammation and overall body toxicity.  The benefit is you have more energy, you lose weight and your body feels vibrant and energized!

Knowledge is Power.  Gaining the awareness to make healthful choices for you and your family can reduce your risk of becoming a National Statistic. In the US, cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma and allergies rates are growing at a rapid pace.  Learn to live your most healthful and vibrant life!

Wishing you a vibrant life!

Perfect Weight

In our culture it is a common phenomena to feel bloated, swollen and heavy.  Processed food laden with toxins reduces the body’s natural ability to run optimally.  This slows down metabolism and creates a sluggish system.  This is also exacerbated by the inundation of toxins in our interior and exterior environments. The Perfect Weight program addresses this and helps you to return to your balanced and natural weight.

Vibrant Body

Your natural state of being is vibrancy!  If you are feeling bogged down, sluggish or lacking energy it is time to recharge! Learn ways to return to your natural state of vibrant health and wellbeing! Skip the needed late day vending machine or run to your coffee haven and find energy and balance naturally.  Home in Harmony Lifestyle will share secrets to help you find your vibrant body!

Body Balance

The Body Balance System teaches you how to make healthy choices for your body, home, mind and spirit.  It can be difficult to navigate today’s lifestyle with the many choices that can be toxic and unhealthy.  The Body Balance program helps give you solutions to return to balance.

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Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary