Let me help you create an inspired home that nurtures your being. Come home to a place that lifts your spirit and makes you feel fabulous to be in your space. You deserve a space that nurtures your Soul and allows you to feel invigorated and rejuvenated so that you can live your best life. Does your home inspire you?

Here are a variety of ways that I can help you create an Inspired Home:

Interior Design

Home in Harmony is a world renowned design firm that has been recognized and featured on the websites of leading international fabric houses.   We create distinguished environments from styles around the world to accommodate the needs and tastes of clients with a discerning eye. Grand and Gracious Traditional, Sophisticated Metropolitan, Classic Cottage, French country, Zen Retreat or Green Design.  Whatever you desire, we will use the fundamentals of good design and Feng Shui to create a haven to nurture your soul.

Home in Harmony has a great interest in protecting the precious planet that is our home.  We strive to incorporate beautiful design with eco-friendly products.  Our commitment is to connect the beauty of our client’s interiors with the beauty of the outside world that sustains us.

Home in Harmony creates environments that nurture you and bring a feeling of balance and harmony.  Let your home be a haven for your mind, body and spirit.  Let us create a Sacred Space that inspires, excites, soothes and caresses your essence. Let us create a Home in Harmony Lifestyle.

Home Showcasing

Home in Harmony uses staging and Feng Shui techniques to Showcase Homes for a rapid sale. Remember, staged, clutter free homes sell 30-50% faster.  The better the home shows, the faster it sells.  The faster it sells is directly correlated with the purchase price.

We differentiate, enhance & distinguish your home as an exclusive enclave in the area market. We go beyond clearing clutter and suggesting simple quick fix solutions to creating a welcoming mood that makes a home buyer want to call this house their home.

In today’s market, buyers demand the total package.  They want total integration of the harmonious combination of all the senses.  This enhances the experience of the discriminating buyer when viewing your home. We implement the concept that the house needs to appeal to the buyer’s five senses and create an unconscious attachment to the home.  This will integrate and elevate the buyer’s sensory perception and experience.

The typical buyer has made their buying decision within the first eight seconds of being in a home.  The buyer can either visualize themselves in the space or not. The goal of Home in Harmony is to create an oasis where potential buyers can envision themselves living.  You want your home to feel like a place to relax and take refuge from the stress, strain and chaos of the outside world.  When a potential buyer walks into your home you want them to think, “If I live here, I will live a peaceful, clutter-free existence.”

The goal of Home in Harmony is to create an environment that suggests to the buyers that this is the Lifestyle they are looking for and by purchasing this house they will live a Home in Harmony Lifestyle.

Color Consultations

Color has a major impact on you psychologically and physically.  Scientific studies have shown that colors produce a wide range of physical responses in the body from elevating your heart rate to causing a cooling sensation.  Psychological studies have shown that color has a direct correlation to the mood of a person. It is important to take these into consideration when choosing colors for your home environment.  It has also been shown to help with the sale of a home.  We are all unique individuals, so it is important to choose the best colors for you to help you live your best life.

Healthy Home

In today’s world we are inundated with a host of toxins.  They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink and bath in and the foods we eat.  Unfortunately, studies have shown that the air inside our homes is much more toxic than the air outside our homes that is filled with industrial pollutants.  The worst of these industrial contaminants have been found in the majority of people tested.  With our home environments considered more toxic, which correlates to the increase of many diseases in our culture it, is imperative to find solutions to make your home healthy.  Home in Harmony Lifestyle can help you find simple solutions to help you make your home healthy!

Furniture Placement

Our home environments affect our overall sense of wellbeing.  The way you arrange your furniture can have positive or negative implications on you and your family.  The flow of your home can influence the ease with which you move through your day and can even impact your relationships. You have probably walked into a space that didn’t feel quite right or have been in an environment where you just wanted to linger. Let Home in Harmony Lifestyle help you create an aesthetically beautiful environment that allows your life to flow with harmony and balance.

Feng Shui

Home in Harmony incorporates Feng Shui in the implementation of all design analysis.  Home in Harmony holds the belief that all good design includes the basic elements of Feng Shui.

Christa O’Leary is certified as a Feng Shui Practitioner and can facilitate Feng Shui Consultations.  Feng Shui consultations specialize in arranging or redesigning your environment to enhance all aspects of everyday life.

Careful analysis will be used to make Feng Shui adjustments in your environment to create positive change in your relationships, prosperity, health and well-being.

The Chinese have used the principles of Feng Shui for thousands of years to balance and energize their environment to foster positive change and increased opportunities.

The goal of Home in Harmony is to balance the elements of Feng Shui to enhance your environment and create a space filled with positive energy, vitality and beauty.  We want you to live a Home in Harmony Lifestyle.

Artful Display

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, store or hotel and noticed how the artwork or photography on the wall always looks so put-together and beautifully polished? Have you noticed how the bookshelves in magazines always looks picture perfect?  Have you ever thought about your own space and wished you could have that look but later thought, “That’s not how real people live.” or “I could never make it look so good.”  Let Home in Harmony Lifestyle help you create the picture perfect polished space out of the puzzle of everyday displays.

Custom Rug Design

Designers will tell you that the rug is the foundation of a room.  This key element can help pull together a space.  It can also be the “Wow!” factor of your home.  Creating a custom rug allows you to choose the colors, sheen and textures that make your heart sing.  This unique statement is a reflection of your inspired light. We can help you to let your light shine and design the inspired creation of your dreams!

Space Clearing

Home in Harmony offers the service of Space Clearing.  During this process we use the practice of clearing old, stuck energy and through the Power of Intention we raise the level of energy and infuse the environment with vibrant, clear energy, creating a Sacred Space.

If you have ever walked into a room after two people have had an argument and noticed or felt the awkward feeling in the air that is the residual negative energy impacting the environment.  There are many other types of energies that accumulate in spaces that can have an effect on those living in the environment.  By clearing and releasing the buildup of these negative influences allows us to raise the vibration of energy in our space which fosters our ability to create a Sacred Space that will nurture us and help us live a Home in Harmony Lifestyle.

Green Living

Home in Harmony offers consultations on how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  We care about your health, well-being and the Earth that sustains us.  It is our goal to help you make wise, healthy and eco-friendly choices that create a healthy, vibrant body, home and environment. We feel it is important to share our knowledge of the benefits of Green Living from the foods we eat to the products we pick for our homes.  This awareness guides you to fully live a Home in Harmony Lifestyle.

Are you ready to live the Inspired Life of your dreams that you desire and deserve? Take the first step, and connect with me for a Free 20 Minute Home in Harmony Lifestyle Private Call to help determine what type of consulting or coaching service may best fit your needs by clicking here!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary