Christa O'LearyI had a deep yearning to understand what life was all about from a young age.  I was fascinated by people, their emotions, and their interactions with others and their environments.  I wanted to understand why life was easier for some and more difficult for others.

I began my formal studies in the area of Human Development and received my BA from Boston College.  I was intrigued by the theories and stages of human development and decided to continue my formal training and went on to graduate studies in Psychology.  I embraced the concepts of human interaction and specialized in the area of Marriage and Family Therapy.  This traditional path of study laid the foundation for the conscious awareness and understanding of the interactions between people.

In 1997, with the birth of my first child, I experienced a near death experience that began the process of shifting my perspective on the human experience.  This awakening brought an understanding that this life is part of an infinite experience of the Soul.  I witnessed a beautiful sense of connection, calmness and peacefulness in this moment.  I also gained the insight that we are so deeply loved and that we are Spiritual Beings living a human experience.
After this NDE, I became intrigued by the teachings of the many great philosophies, religions and metaphysical teachings from around the world.  Now I not only wanted to understand the psychology of the human experience, but to unravel the mystery of the spiritual, metaphysical, biological and physics of the human experience. As I delved into these subjects, I gained an understanding that their is an interconnectedness of the many major religions, metaphysical principles, philosophies and psychological theories.

My studies led to an appreciation of the spiritual and metaphysical teachings of Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Dowsing, Reiki and Yoga. My practice of meditation allowed me to reconnect with the sensation of oneness that I experienced during my NDE and brought a shift in consciousness and an understanding that we are all capable of connecting to the Infinite in every moment of every day.

My intuitive ability to feel the energy of environments began my deep appreciation for how our environments effect our well-being.  With each new Feng Shui and/or Design client I was able to see the truth of how our environments touch us in a psychological, spiritual and physical way.  A person’s outer world or environment is a direct reflection of their inner landscape. By changing one’s outer environment major shifts would ripple internally manifesting positive transformation.

Initially, my goal was to create Sacred Spaces that nurture the Soul.  Then I realized that my experiences had given me gifts to teach you how to connect to your sense of Well-Being by creating the foundational element of a Sacred Space and incorporated an intimately interconnected lifestyle program that would empower you to live to your fullest potential and the life of your dreams.

The Home in Harmony Lifestyle program emphasizes the importance of maintaing a healthy body by understanding and making healthful choices with the products you bring into your home and the foods you put into your body.  Being aware of the toxins that are all around you is the first step to empowerment.  Gaining the knowledge, awareness and suggestions on how to make good conscious decisions allows you to make healthful choices that can effect your vitality, energy and ease in your body.  This impacts all other areas of your life.

We live in a fast paced world that moves more rapidly each day.  We are continuously connected to technology that is sometimes difficult to turn off.  We are over extended with our commitments and responsibilities. We begin our days at sprint speed and don’t slow down until we crash at the end of the day.  Learn techniques that will help you take that much needed deep breath.  Foster a connection to a sense of grounding and balance. This will allow you to have more clarity and harmony in your life.

You have gifts, talents and aspirations that truly fulfill you. Connect to your passions to fortify your Soul and live your best life! Your Inner Light wants you to Shine!

Creating an Inspired Home, healthy Body, calm & clear Mind and connecting to your Inner Light will assist you in living the life of your dreams! Let me help you live a life of joy, harmony and abundance. Your…Home in Harmony Lifestyle!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary