It is essential to understand that the old adage, “You are what you eat” is really a true statement. Are you aware that the majority of commercially manufactured food items are laden with toxic chemicals that become ‘stuck‘in our bodies creating fatigue, weight gain and dis-ease in our bodies? Or, are you eating Miracle Rich Foods that restore your body’s natural function, increase your energy and allow you to have the body you have always dreamed of? Do you feel alive with vitality and energy or are you fatigued and feeling sick?

Toxic Hint About Your Environment…

Three weeks ago, after being out of our home for more than 2 years (it was destroyed & took forever to get on the same page as the insurance company) we moved back home! The amazing thing, even though I teach how your environment impacts you in significant ways, I was astounded by the level of impact moving back home had on our family! During those 2 years we lived in a beautiful rental in a country club community… but something about the space never felt quite right. We didn’t love Read more [...]

Clean the Air You Breathe

Are you beginning to feel like spring is just around the corner? During this season it is natural to feel an urge to clean and clear. Our brains are innately wired to have this impulse. That is why spring is often synonymous with Spring Cleaning. In today’s article I am going to share a few Simple Solutions to help you begin the process to clean and clear the air in your home and work environment. (Both are important!) Also, for those in Boston and the New England area, I will be speaking Read more [...]

Are these toxins in your home and body?

If you have heard me speak at any point, whether in person, on the radio, Internet or TV you have inevitably heard me say, “Your home either supports and nurtures you or it drains your energy.” This is true on all levels… psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Today I want to make the connection between your home and your physical body. Most people don’t realize what an important role your home plays in your level of health. In this article we will focus on the health of your home Read more [...]

You Can Make IT Happen!

Driving by the gym today I noticed the abundance of cars in the parking lot where there are usually only a dozen at any given time. New Year’s resolutions are in overdrive with people’s excitement and determination full throttle. I wonder how long it will last? Statistics say that only 6% of people who set a New Year’s resolution achieve their goal. And, unfortunately only 75% of people even make it through the 1st week! That being said, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the Read more [...]

Home in Harmony Healthy New Year, New You Vlog

Happy New Year! I hope your 2015 is off to a fabulous start! I love this time of year because it makes me reflect on where I have been and where I hope to go. These four questions can help you be in the small 8% of people who reach their goals this year. (I don’t know about you, but I intend to reach my goals and make this my best year yet!) How about you? Try this, answer these simple questions with one sentence that sums up how you feel… What was your favorite part of 2014? What did Read more [...]