In our ever increasing, fast paced world we are inundated with constant stressors. Including your 24/7 ability to be in constant contact through technology and media. Gone are the 9 to 5 work days, replaced by stressful jobs, parenthood & volunteering with ever increased responsibilities. It is time to incorporate some form of stress management, relaxation and grounding technique that will allow you to take that much needed deep breath.

Scattered? Overwhelmed? Here’s a way to Focus!

Vlog Image 9-14-2017 Are you overwhelmed & scattered? I will make this simple… Less is truly more. Less gives you clarity which gives you focus. Focus breeds success.Look at your life and decide what is essential in your home, life & business. Greg McKeown illustrates an important concept of why you might feel scattered. He explains why the Disciplined Pursuit of Less can have a major impact on you in every area of your life. Explore what is essential and non-essential in your home, personal life and business. Eliminate Read more [...]

Where Do Your Thoughts Take You?

Blog Image 9-6-2017 Where do your thoughts usually take you? Do they meander down a path of beautiful fragrant flowers or wind down a trail of pointed rocks?  Is your home set up to encourage positivity or to exhaust your life energy? What you focus on creates your reality, so it is important to begin to notice if you are focusing on the positive or the negative. If you tend to focus a bit more on the negative, let me share a quick story on how I changed my thought which helped me turn something aggravating into Read more [...]

Wisdom from Coach’s CEO

Blog 8-22-17 Image Coach’s new CEO, (the former CEO of Tom Ford’s Yves Saint Laurent and Jimmy Choo) Joshua Schulman, understands that “Design really can be transformative.”  One thing I have learned while studying the masters of design, psychology and success is that your environment is the foundation that supports you in reaching your goals of happiness, success, health, wealth, relationships or it can have a detrimental impact on every aspect of you life. Obviously Schulman’s awareness of space has supported Read more [...]

Action for Anxiety

Clutter Image for Blog-marthastewart dot com 8-4-17 Are you ever stressed about things in your life, home or business? Do you wake up overwhelmed before the day has even begun? I ask because it is a common sensation! In this week’s article I am going to share a story that gives insight into a simple solution that will allow you to wake up excited for the day ahead instead of dreading the barrage of to-do’s that are waiting for you. My mastermind “big brother”, Dennis, likes to remind me of what a massive difference the book Home in Read more [...]

Stamina Stealers?

Blog Image 6-22-17 There are certain things in your life that are stamina stealers. They add to feelings of overwhelm, being bogged down and exhausting fatigue. What if I told you that these draining feelings are only habits (both conscious and unconscious) that can be changed simply and effectively creating quick relief? It almost sounds too good to be true! Especially if you are sitting under a pile of unopened emails, a to-do list that is miles long or piles of clutter around your home or office. In today’s article Read more [...]