In our ever increasing, fast paced world we are inundated with constant stressors. Including your 24/7 ability to be in constant contact through technology and media. Gone are the 9 to 5 work days, replaced by stressful jobs, parenthood & volunteering with ever increased responsibilities. It is time to incorporate some form of stress management, relaxation and grounding technique that will allow you to take that much needed deep breath.

Quick Holiday Stress Release!

Have you taken a deep breath lately?  Or, are you caught up in the craze of the holiday season? Your breath is a great way to connect to your internal emotional barometer. Is it deep and full, short and quick or are you holding it in? Take a few moments throughout your day to assess your breath. This will guide you in knowing your level of stress. If you find your breath is a little quicker than usual or you find yourself holding it in, it is time to make adjustments! Sometimes it is easier Read more [...]

De-Clutter Your Holidays!

Here is a simple Holiday Harmony Tip to decrease your sense of overwhelm and stress! It is understandable to feel more stress during this busy time of year. With that said, you can use your environment to help create calm in the midst of the chaos of the holidays! Here is one way to do that…             The Home in Harmony Team wanted to help you create more harmony during your holidays and they came up with the Holiday Rescue Package, which Read more [...]

Holiday Harmony Hint

Here is a quick tip to help you understand why you might be feeling anxiety or agitation during the holiday season AND how to ease the tension! This one tip can help you create calm in the midst of the chaos of the holidays! It will soothe your mind and body! Did you take advantage of the incredible VIP Bundle?! If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy with your body or lacking abundance in your life… the VIP Holiday Bundle is your opportunity to make a fresh start! The VIP Read more [...]

Scattered? Overwhelmed? Here’s a way to Focus!

Are you overwhelmed & scattered? I will make this simple… Less is truly more. Less gives you clarity which gives you focus. Focus breeds success.Look at your life and decide what is essential in your home, life & business. Greg McKeown illustrates an important concept of why you might feel scattered. He explains why the Disciplined Pursuit of Less can have a major impact on you in every area of your life. Explore what is essential and non-essential in your home, personal life and business. Eliminate Read more [...]

Where Do Your Thoughts Take You?

Where do your thoughts usually take you? Do they meander down a path of beautiful fragrant flowers or wind down a trail of pointed rocks?  Is your home set up to encourage positivity or to exhaust your life energy? What you focus on creates your reality, so it is important to begin to notice if you are focusing on the positive or the negative. If you tend to focus a bit more on the negative, let me share a quick story on how I changed my thought which helped me turn something aggravating into Read more [...]