Tammy Ruggerio
Wellness & Detox
Hingham, MA

Dear Christa,

Thank you for your inspiration and for opening a door for me! After doing the cleanse and reading your blog and seeing how much you love your life and work, I was so inspired to find something of my own. I’ve always been drawn to nutrition & healthy living – but never knew I might be able to “do” something with it without a 4 year degree! Things seem to have fallen into place the last 2.5 years and my journey has taken me to Integrative Nutrition. So, I am happy to have connected with you along my path. I trust we can be great resources for each other and that we can both, enjoy & prosper with our lives!

All the best & THANK YOU! -Tammy


Greta McCue
Wellness & Detox
Cape Cod, MA

Christa stood out in our yoga class, she was slim, beautiful, poised, gorgeous hair and skin, couldn’t help notice her and her serenity and aliveness. And when class was over she was introduced and it was mentioned that she was offering a class about our health and a detox plan. Well, I’ve detoxed before from books and magazine articles but here was a real opportunity to learn from someone who had all of the right look and feel about her, if she was teaching us what she lived, I was interested, so a friend and I signed up.

The evening at Christa’s was a perfect combination of a professional presentation in a casual atmosphere. All of our questions and supports were in place, of course none of us could start at the same time but Christa kept in touch through her website as we checked in daily. I remember that I felt more energy and alive almost immediately, dropped some pounds, also. It was August and I was taking a course for five days and going to Omega for the weekend so I didn’t follow the plan completely as prescribed but enough to change some habits and lose some unwanted pounds. I loved the daily baths, I felt that made a big difference in how I felt. It’s been about 2 months and I am ready to do it again, I am down 10 pounds and I haven’t gained any back, that is different from any other past experiences. So, thank you Christa, it’s time to find my notes…I think I will begin with the baths.

I look forward to next summer, see you then.




Ann Colantuono
12 Day Wellness & Detox Seminar
Cape Cod, MA


I want to thank you again for leading the detox cleanse this summer.  I know I shared with you some of my insights right after the cleanse was finished, but I wanted to let you know how I am 3 months later.   I didn’t start the cleanse with the intent to lose weight, but I dropped about 4 lbs during the cleanse and I have continued to lose weight slowly and effortlessly since July.  I have lost a total of 12 lbs and I know it has everything to do with the cleanse, my clean eating, and stepping up my workouts at the gym.  The only reason I can increase my workouts is because my heel does not hurt me anymore.  I know I told you this summer, but my heel had been an issue for about a year.  I noticed right after the cleanse that my heel wasn’t hurting me anymore.  It’s be great ever since, with a few exceptions and I can draw a direct line to my “unclean” eating.  If I don’t pay attention and let too much salt into my diet, my heel acts up.  Going back to school was so good for my ego – I got a lot of “what did you do this summer, you look great!”.

My skins still glowing, and I’m still feeling great!

Thank you again,



Camille Merian
12 Day Detox & Wellness Program
Hingham, MA

Dear Christa,

Thank you for introducing me to your Detox and Wellness program. I have always wanted to try one, however, I never felt comfortable doing it alone.   With your inspirational seminar, I learned what is actually in the foods we eat and serve our families.  It was truly eye opening!

Throughout the 12 day program, I loved that we had the ability to reach out to you directly and ask questions or just discuss how we were feeling.  It was the motivation that I needed to stick with the program and make it work.

The first few days were the hardest, but as I explored options and became more involved with what foods could be eaten, I ended up feeling amazing.  I do believe that it is an excellent idea to give our digestive systems a break from all the toxins that we consume every day.  The end result is that I felt great and have become a more conscious eater!

Thank you!

Camille Merian


Margaret Wilcox, REALTOR
Interior Design & Home Staging Client
Glastonbury, CT

The idea of Home Staging for the sale of homes was in its infancy and I had experimented with a few stagers and designers. However, they were difficult to work with, upset my clients and did not have the vision or understand the ultimate goal.

When I realized Christa O’Leary also did Staging, I hired her. She “understood”!  She spoke very professionally with my sellers, was able to gauge their willingness to stage and worked within their parameters for the ultimate goal.  In fact, she had such good customer skills, they often hired her to remodel or design their next home!

I also used her for remodeling help in my personal home and summer residence.  She has an excellent sense of color and style and listens to what the customer would like!  I would recommend Christa highly.

Margaret Wilcox, REALTOR
#1 REALTOR 2011  Glastonbury  CT
#1 Team 2011    Margaret Wilcox & Associates
Top 26 Nationally –  NRT companies
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


Tammy R.
12 Day Detox Program
Hingham, MA

Hi Christa

I feel great. I have more energy, feel less tired in the am and my clothes are baggy!
I really do feel better and I have not had any cravings for anything that I gave up yet.
I have been having my one cup of coffee all along with organize 1/2 and 1/2.  That would likely be the only things I would have really missed and would have made the detox 12 days miserable for me. So I made the choice to keep having it.

In any event, I am SO glad I decided to make the journey and I will recommend you to friends.

I think it went really well and I am so happy I did it. I will continue to make better choices and feel more educated.  I also know now how I can get back on track and drop weight, remove toxins and feel better when I start to feel bogged down and bloated.

Oh at the end of the 12 days, I had dropped 8.8 pounds. I was  and am thrilled.  If I stay on top of it and make good choices, I am hoping more will come off.

Thanks again and feel free to use me as a referral.



Cami M.
12 Day Detox
Hingham, MA

Hi Christa!

I LOVED it! I am so willing to start this!  I think you did great as well.  Very informative.  Life changing stuff!

Thank you!



Diana D.
12 Day Detox
Hingham, MA

Hi Christa

I thought it was awesome last night…I was really impressed with the information and how well you shared it and made it all make sense. It was great!!



Lisa M.
Feng Shui, Lifestyle Client
Hartford, CT

By doing all of this I have been much more balanced. I have been having people over for dinner (which means I have been using pots and pans!!), have started going to Yoga again, my social life has picked up, I have been on many more dates, and I have been a much happier person.  I have been much more into karma and treating people the way they want to be treated. I have tried to be the bigger person in many scenarios that before I would have gotten reeled into being negative.  I have tried to remove negative people from my life and upon doing this, I have had much less anxiety.

Thank you!



Kellie M.
12 Day Detox
Hingham, MA

Day 4: Love this recipe tip christa…Things are going well:  I thought cutting coffee would be harder…lost 4 lbs so far so I am motivated to keep working at it….thanks
I have so much energy today and again, no coffee!

Day 7: Hi christa. Quick touching base. 8lbs as of this morning. Wow! I feel great but still have a ways to go.


Mary O.
12 Day Detox
Hingham, MA

Day 4: Also, I lost 4 lbs already and feel GREAT
Thanks so much for this, I am very motivated to finish!

Day 7: It is Mon , the last 5 days and I feel great. I have lost 7 lbs and I do have to say I did cheat with wine over the weekend (come on I’m only human) but I ate great. ( I did yoga and walked too)

I think if anything, this is teaching me about making better choices and thinking about what you pop in your mouth. Hey, just not eating any flour, sugar or pasta is HUGE. I think we all deserve a medal! My thing is I am not hungry on this thing, because there is so much you can eat.


Interior Design & Feng Shui
Chesire, CT

What I want you to know is that I am so grateful that I met you.  Working with you is a joy–you are a good soul.  I am looking forward to more of it.  Thanks so much for caring.




Cohasset, MA

I feel that homes do have a character that is expressed both overtly and subtly to all
who enter and Christa helped immensely in helping us define and refine the ambiance
we wanted in our home.  I think “Homes In Harmony”  very aptly describes the services
that are being offered and that Christa adds an very needed extra dimension to the
traditional role of an “interior decorator”.




Alicia Isaacs Howes
Soul Connection Expert

Christa is a wise, passionate and heart-centred expert focused on helping us to live in harmony with our best selves at every level.   She’s also a beautiful speaker and always tailors her message to hone in on her client’s or listeners’ needs.  I’ve worked with Christa privately and interviewed her for one of my programmes.  Whenever I connect with her, I always learn something new, get a practical, easy-to-implement takeaway and feel inspired to live my very best.  I’m delighted to recommend her to you if you’re looking to increase your personal or family’s health and well-being.  She reminds me that life is a gift – as is she!