It is important to create spaces that nurture your Soul, and allow you to feel invigorated and rejuvenated so that you can live your best life. Come home to a place that lifts your spirit and makes you feel fabulous to be in your space. Does your home inspire you?

Get Organized Month!

Did you know that January is National Get Organized Month? It was actually established in 2005!  So, where in your life do you need to get organized? The thing is, when your home, business or life is disorganized it zaps your energy and mojo. Think about the last time you walked in to your home and it felt clean, clear of clutter, and everything had a spot… (Hopefully you have experienced this at some point!) But, if you haven’t, think about the last time you walked in to a hotel room Read more [...]

Black Friday Don’t!

Are you ready for the holidays or are you already starting to feel the anxiety and stress? Are you falling for the Black Friday phenomenon that entices you to buy things that you don’t need and will only clutter up your home? Don’t do it! In this video I explain why buying Black Friday items that you bring into your home will create more stress and havoc in your life and home! I also share information about the VIP Harmony Bundle that will actually benefit you in a massive way during Read more [...]

These things will Sabotage You

Is your home sabotaging you or is it your recharging station? This quick video gives you the Home in Harmony Tip of the Week to help create a space that will rejuvenate you and NOT steal your creativity, productivity and vitality!             Look around your space and determine what is not in good working order. Set some time aside this week to either fix or throw out those items. This tip is super important because these items are impacting Read more [...]

Remove Obstacles & Avoid Health Problems by doing this 1 Tip!

This is a quick & easy Simple Solution to make your space look great, feel like you’ve cleared clutter, allow you to remove obstacles from seeing clearly in your life and avoid health problems. Your home is a mirror for what is happening in your life. It literally reflects the blocks you are experiencing or reflects how great you are moving through life. If you are having a hard time making decisions or making the wrong decisions or if you are having health problems your environment can Read more [...]

Color Sabotage

Choosing colors can be tricky! In today’s video I give you something important to think about as you decide. I want you to have all of the information possible so you are able to set yourself up for success in your office, bedroom or any other environment you spend time in. In today’s video I share… The color that stimulates hunger. The color that can take the spark out of your passion. The color that increases your heart rate. The color that makes you cold The colors you Read more [...]