It is that time of year!


Here in the Northeast the buds are peaking out of the ground, the air is starting to blow in warmer breezes and the cacophony of birds & peepers are singing their song!

It makes me want to open the windows & doors and allow the fresh air to filter through the house and cleanse any stagnant energy & toxins that have built up over the winter.

Are you with me?

It is such an inspiring and exciting time of year… and I am feeling enthusiastic to embark on a Spring Cleaning!

Here are some ways to add the excitement back into your Spring Cleaning!

Let me give you four quick Spring Cleaning tips or simple solutions to help you create a Home in Harmony!

*Open the Windows!

Allow the crisp, fresh air to circulate around your home to detox the air and move any stagnant energy!

*Swap Winter Garments

This is one of my favs! Putting the jackets, mittens, sweaters and hats away and bringing out the bright colors! A colorful closet adds energy to your space and puts a smile on your face!

*Brighten & Lighten!

The colors we tend to use in the winter season embrace a more cozy aesthetic. Now it is time to brighten up and lighten up! Swap out dark color pillows and throws for something lighter and brighter!

*Décor Adjustment

Take a minute to notice if you have any left-over decorations from the winter holidays.  Anything, including candles from Christmas, placemats with Easter Bunnies or snowmen with carrot noses… I am sure you understand. Is there something in your environment that needs attention? Take a minute to put it away for next year. Even if those items don’t seem top-of-mind, they do weigh you down on an unconscious level.

Take some time to assess your environment and determine what is connected to the “old” energy of winter. Embrace the season we are stepping into by connecting your environment to the seasonal rhythm of nature. Looking at Spring Cleaning through this lens can be energizing and inspiring instead of looking at the tasks as something that is arduous.

“You Get To!” instead of “You Have To.”

What if we looked at all of life through that lens?

Happy Soaring!

Christa O'Leary



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