Get Organized Month!

Did you know that January is National Get Organized Month? It was actually established in 2005!  So, where in your life do you need to get organized? The thing is, when your home, business or life is disorganized it zaps your energy and mojo. Think about the last time you walked in to your home and it felt clean, clear of clutter, and everything had a spot… (Hopefully you have experienced this at some point!) But, if you haven’t, think about the last time you walked in to a hotel room Read more [...]

Fresh Start!

Happy New Year! The New Year is an obvious time of reflection and a chance to decide what we want to create for the year ahead. Both are important, otherwise you get stuck in the same place (figuratively and literally) year after year. So, what were your dreams that you envisioned would come to fruition in 2017? Can you remember back to 1/1/2017 and what your hopes and dreams were on that day? Take a moment and really connect to what that was. Was your goal or resolution to get more organized, Read more [...]

Quick Holiday Stress Release!

Have you taken a deep breath lately?  Or, are you caught up in the craze of the holiday season? Your breath is a great way to connect to your internal emotional barometer. Is it deep and full, short and quick or are you holding it in? Take a few moments throughout your day to assess your breath. This will guide you in knowing your level of stress. If you find your breath is a little quicker than usual or you find yourself holding it in, it is time to make adjustments! Sometimes it is easier Read more [...]

De-Clutter Your Holidays!

Here is a simple Holiday Harmony Tip to decrease your sense of overwhelm and stress! It is understandable to feel more stress during this busy time of year. With that said, you can use your environment to help create calm in the midst of the chaos of the holidays! Here is one way to do that…             The Home in Harmony Team wanted to help you create more harmony during your holidays and they came up with the Holiday Rescue Package, which Read more [...]

Holiday Harmony Hint

Here is a quick tip to help you understand why you might be feeling anxiety or agitation during the holiday season AND how to ease the tension! This one tip can help you create calm in the midst of the chaos of the holidays! It will soothe your mind and body! Did you take advantage of the incredible VIP Bundle?! If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy with your body or lacking abundance in your life… the VIP Holiday Bundle is your opportunity to make a fresh start! The VIP Read more [...]