Color Sabotage

Vlog Image 7-4-17 Choosing colors can be tricky! In today’s video I give you something important to think about as you decide. I want you to have all of the information possible so you are able to set yourself up for success in your office, bedroom or any other environment you spend time in. In today’s video I share… The color that stimulates hunger. The color that can take the spark out of your passion. The color that increases your heart rate. The color that makes you cold The colors you Read more [...]

Office Space Success or Sabotage?

Office Vlog Image 6-27-17 I wanted to give you a Simple Solution to help you create an office space that supports your success instead of unconsciously sabotaging your best efforts. Whether it is your home office, corporate office or even your child’s work-space the position of your desk is really important and can impact your productivity, creativity and ultimately your bottom line! This quick video will give you one way to set yourself up for success instead of sabotaging your best efforts. Click on the image below Read more [...]

Stamina Stealers?

Blog Image 6-22-17 There are certain things in your life that are stamina stealers. They add to feelings of overwhelm, being bogged down and exhausting fatigue. What if I told you that these draining feelings are only habits (both conscious and unconscious) that can be changed simply and effectively creating quick relief? It almost sounds too good to be true! Especially if you are sitting under a pile of unopened emails, a to-do list that is miles long or piles of clutter around your home or office. In today’s article Read more [...]

Quick, Cost Effective Tip for Summer

Vlog 6-6-17 Image Happy almost summer! In this short video I wanted to give you a quick, easy and cost-effective tip to spruce up your space and allow you to graciously welcome guests into your home… Even if you aren’t planning on having guests, this tip will help you feel better about your home and life!                 Happy Soaring! XOXO     PS.... Have you heard about our “newest” creation that can help Read more [...]

Not Fantasy! You can too!

Vlog image 5-31-17 I know this sounds like a fantasy, but it really happened! In the video below I will share what happened, how it happened, and a simple tip that you can do around your house to move you closer to realizing your intentions, goals and dreams!               You can also ask me questions directly on tomorrow’s FB Live at 12:00 PM EST! If you have ANY QUESTIONS related to creating a home you love, a life you are excited about, manifesting Read more [...]