Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.17.05 PMYour home or office environment is a mirror for what is going on inside your head. Clearing clutter and making changes to your environment can have a huge impact on your level of overwhelm, abundance, success, relationships, stress level, health and well-being.

I was just speaking with someone who has a 2nd home in a sunny vacation spot. She redesigned the home two years ago and has been enjoying the warm winters of golf away from the frigid Northeast. Her days were spent doing activities she loved, & enjoying happy hour with new & old friends. Upon return she felt weighed down by the amount of stuff in her home that had been accumulating for 4 decades; clothes, heirlooms, kids’ memorabilia, pictures. She explained how her space felt so light in her southern home, which gave her energy and vitality. But, the northern one felt bogged down and heavy. The heaviness drained her energy and she didn’t feel motivated to take action.

Sometimes you get so accustomed to a space that you don’t really see it anymore, and you are unaware of how it truly impacts you. What once might have been conscious becomes unconscious and sabotages your energy, undermines your self-confidence and creates chaos that brings overwhelm. When you leave your environment for the grocery store, an overnight, weekend or for an extended period it can help you become aware of how you really feel about your environment, and how it makes you feel. Next time you return from some time away, take a moment to notice how you really feel about your space. Notice how it makes you feel.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I love my space?
  • What bothers me about my space?
  • Is there clutter?
  • How does my space make me feel?
  • Is my space encouraging me to…
    • Have more energy
    • Create a life I love
    • Be more social or find the love of my life
    • Be productive, creative and successful
    • Allow the flow of abundance in my life

Re-connect to your environment and how it truly makes you feel. Notice if it is draining you or rejuvenating you. It is important that your environment is the recharging station for your life.

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



P.S. Do you need help making your space great so that it supports you instead of depleting you, join me for the Home in Harmony Clutter Clearing 14 Day Challenge.