Your life is like your closet.

Really! It is!

Clutter Closet Image-photo credit-Bend BulletinWhat does your closet look like?

If you have ever heard me speak or read my book, you have heard me say, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” It is how you show up in this world. If you tend to procrastinate, that will show up everywhere in your life. If you are considered a “Type-A” personality, you will demonstrate that tendency in many areas.


So, what does your closet say about your life? Is it crammed and clutter? Or, is it organized with the essentials?Organized Closet Image-photo credit-home bnc

I ask for a very important reason that I will share in this week’s article… Hopefully it will help with both your closet & your life!

Have the priorities in your life sent you in a tailspin of overwhelm? Are there days that you have so many to-do’s, that you don’t know where to begin or what to focus on? Your brain feels fatigued just thinking about what needs to be done, what you hope to do and leaves you feeling frustrated that you don’t get as much done as you would like?

That is similar to having a cluttered closet.  Instead, it is a cluttered life, which creates a cluttered mind (or vice-versa).  Actually, clutter in any area of your life will create clutter in many areas. Let’s look at some Simple Solutions to clear the clutter so your closet and life release the overwhelm that sabotages you from living your best life.


Before you embark on the challenge of de-cluttering an area in your home, head, or life it is important to honestly assess where are you in your de-cluttering journey.  Are you at the beginning, maybe drifting along? Or, did you do the Clutter Clearing 14-Day Challenge, and you are making strides to being clutter free? Assess where you are and be honest with your answer. (Click here if you want to do the 14-Day Clutter Clearing Challenge)


Once you know your beginning point then you can determine what it is you are really hoping to achieve. Decide what that actually looks like in your closet and what it feels like in your mind. Get a clear picture.

Looking at these first 2 steps should give you a clear picture of the point of where you are and the point of where you want to be. This will give you a sense of the path that lies ahead.


Create a specific question that will help you evaluate whether you are on target to get from the point of where you are now to the picture you hope to create for your closet or your life. This question should be specific and not vague. For example, “Will I wear this in the future?” is too ambiguous and adds to many variables into the mix. This doesn’t allow for decisive decisions. A more distinct and helpful question is, “Do I look great in this now?” I know, it is so much easier to ask the first questions instead of the latter. But, the latter will guide you in making changes that will truly help you get the results you wish to create. For your life, asking, “Should I do this?” is too indefinable. Instead, ask yourself, “Is this activity in alignment with the picture of my ideal life?” Asking these more difficult questions will help you eliminate the things, ideas, and activities that are cluttering your closet and life. The more specific and harder the question, the greater ease you will have in understanding what is or is not supporting you and your ideal picture for your closet and life.


Now that you have asked the tough questions and figured out what clutter, ideas, and activities need to be eliminated, it is time to actually get rid of the things that are not truly supporting you and the best version of your vision for your life. Take some time to put together a strategy to get rid of the clutter, habit or to-do. If you don’t put a plan in place you can get stuck in decision fatigue and never take the actions necessary to move you to your end goal (remember that clear picture?) This last step can be the most challenging, and why it is really critical to take the time necessary to think tactically. It will allow you to move past overwhelm and succeed.

Now do you understand why your closet & life are really similar? As a matter of fact, you can probably think of other areas that relate… maybe your home, health, business, wealth, relationships, mind, or level of happiness?

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



Photo Credits: Bend Bulletin & Home BNC