It is important to create spaces that nurture your Soul, and allow you to feel invigorated and rejuvenated so that you can live your best life. Come home to a place that lifts your spirit and makes you feel fabulous to be in your space. Does your home inspire you?

Is Fear Creating Your Clutter?

Clutter Picture Clutter can get the best of us! Even when you are organized it is amazing what you can find in a closet that you know longer need. Going into homes to help showcase them to sell or create a beautiful environment to nurture inhabitants gives me the inside scoop on what is truly happening behind closed doors in our culture (whether those doors are the front door or a hidden cabinet.)  The amount of Stuff is unprecedented! This is evident in our homes and lives! It happens to the best of us, despite Read more [...]

Buon giorno! Do you need a little spice in your life?

Image Newsletter 5-12 Boun giorno! This note comes to you from Italy! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  You get to see amazing new sights, meet incredible people, explore cultures that are so different from your own and step out of your ordinary day-to-day experience.  It also gives me a new-found appreciation for home and life when I return. The amazing thing is you don’t have to go far to experience the energizing shift that traveling to Italy or anywhere in the world creates. Experiencing something Read more [...]

4 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Harmony

Outdoor Furniture Image Yay, it finally feels like Spring! What does Spring mean in New England? It means finally shedding the big, puffy coat, gloves & mittens! Seeing buds peak through the brown earth and the last bits of snow disappear. The kids are so excited that they are prematurely wearing shorts because the gray skies have begun to show signs of a shimmering sun. It is time to thaw out from a very long winter on the South Shore of Boston! It makes me want to throw open the windows and doors and hear the glorious Read more [...]

Spring Clean with Ease

Vlog 3-3-15 Image Wow, can you believe it is almost Daylight Savings Time?! This Sunday, March 8 at 2 a.m., is the time when you should “spring” your clocks forward an hour. Not only did I want to share that helpful reminder… (I know I forget half the time!) I also wanted to share some Simple Solutions on how to Spring Clean with ease! Despite the mounds of snow that are still on the other side of my door, I am hopeful that it will begin to melt and daffodils will begin to peak through. So, in honor of Spring Read more [...]

Is Your Home Set Up for Love?

keys to the heart Valentine’s Day is a much-anticipated holiday by both the young and mature in our house.  My youngest eagerly awaits the holiday party at school where she will make and share Valentine cards with her school buddies. I personally look forward to a romantic dinner, dark chocolate and sweet sentiments written in a card. For this Valentine’s Day I was asked to share secrets with the Metro section of the Boston & NYC newspapers and on the national TV program, The Daily Buzz, regarding maintaining Read more [...]