It is important to create spaces that nurture your Soul, and allow you to feel invigorated and rejuvenated so that you can live your best life. Come home to a place that lifts your spirit and makes you feel fabulous to be in your space. Does your home inspire you?

Quick, Cost Effective Tip for Summer

Vlog 6-6-17 Image Happy almost summer! In this short video I wanted to give you a quick, easy and cost-effective tip to spruce up your space and allow you to graciously welcome guests into your home… Even if you aren’t planning on having guests, this tip will help you feel better about your home and life!                 Happy Soaring! XOXO     PS.... Have you heard about our “newest” creation that can help Read more [...]

Not Fantasy! You can too!

Vlog image 5-31-17 I know this sounds like a fantasy, but it really happened! In the video below I will share what happened, how it happened, and a simple tip that you can do around your house to move you closer to realizing your intentions, goals and dreams!               You can also ask me questions directly on tomorrow’s FB Live at 12:00 PM EST! If you have ANY QUESTIONS related to creating a home you love, a life you are excited about, manifesting Read more [...]

Doors Open!

Join me! I’ve noticed a trend.  For the past few years, I often hear complaints about feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied, crazed and wanting “something more”. The magazines are constantly touting headlines like… “10 Ways Smart People Stay Calm” “What Your Clutter Says about You” “If You’ve Ever Been Told You’re Too Sensitive” “4 Things Happy People Do On the Weekends” “3 Recipes for when You are Feeling Down and Out” “30-Second Changes that Read more [...]

Let Your Home Make You Smile

Vlog Image 5-16-17 When you look around your home or work environment do you love what you see? Does it make your heart sing? In today’s vlog (video blog) I am going to give you a glimpse of the Ocean Front Suite Veranda at the One and Only Ocean Club and give you a simple way to make your space great! The beautiful thing is, when you begin to make small changes in your environment you will see a ripple effect in all areas of your life. I had a client who we tweaked a few things in her office environment to Read more [...]

Secrets of the Elite

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.21.14 AM Do you ever have the sensation that what you are dreaming of or hoping for in your home and life is not happening as fast as you would like? We live in a culture that wants a quick fix. I do believe that things can happen at a more rapid rate when you align your goals and intentions with a space that supports and nurtures those dreams. That being said, I also want to share another element that is important to incorporate when dreaming big… you are dreaming big, right? Here is a behind the Read more [...]