Blog Image 6-22-17There are certain things in your life that are stamina stealers. They add to feelings of overwhelm, being bogged down and exhausting fatigue. What if I told you that these draining feelings are only habits (both conscious and unconscious) that can be changed simply and effectively creating quick relief? It almost sounds too good to be true! Especially if you are sitting under a pile of unopened emails, a to-do list that is miles long or piles of clutter around your home or office. In today’s article we will dive into how to bring relief to the stamina stealers in your life.

You and I live in a frenetic culture that moves at a rapid rate. This isn’t slowing down any time soon. Your responsibilities and the demands on you have increased with every passing day of every passing year. Additionally, our homes, lives, bodies and brains are filled with more things to process, remember and store. Let’s look at ways to effectively help you develop ways to handle the ambush.

  • Assess

Take a minute to decide what is clogging up your life? Is it the clutter in the corner, the endless emails or the to-do list you can’t seem to ever get through? Maybe you are like many and you have multiple things pulling on you, vying for your attention. If that is the case, assess what feels like it is the stamina stealer that is the biggest drain.

  • Write it down

Make a list of all your stamina stealers and put them in order of your frustration and anxiety around them. This is sometimes referred to as a “Brain Dump”. This helps to de-clutter your thoughts, which will help to release some of your stress.

  • Take Action:

Sometimes we get caught in inertia because we are so overwhelmed by the amount of stressors in our lives. Look at your list and begin by tackling the most anxiety provoking stressor or stamina stealer first. The trick is to stay singularly focused on that one item until it is complete.  When you focus on too many things your energy becomes scattered not allowing you to be efficient or effective.

These three simple steps can help you begin to move out of overwhelm and overcome the inertia that is created by the swirling whirlwind of stamina stealers in your life.

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



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Image Credit: marisa goudy dot com