Photo Credit-Artist Alice Dalton BrownAre you beginning to feel like spring is just around the corner?

During this season it is natural to feel an urge to clean and clear. Our brains are innately wired to have this impulse. That is why spring is often synonymous with Spring Cleaning.

In today’s article I am going to share a few Simple Solutions to help you begin the process to clean and clear the air in your home and work environment. (Both are important!)

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Studies have shown that the indoor and outdoor air you breathe is filled with toxins. Unfortunately, the indoor air quality is sometimes 5x more toxic than the air outdoors. So, let’s look at a few Simple Solutions to help you clean and clear the air in your home and work environment.

1-Open Windows
Let that spring air in! Studies show that indoor pollutants get trapped in our indoor environments. Make it a practice to open up the windows and let the fresh air in!

2-Toxic Overload
Speaking of toxins, cut back on the amount of toxic ingredients you allow to enter your environment. We are inundated by toxins in our indoor environments that are found in the cleaning supplies, beauty products, furnishings and building products that are used today. Begin to swap out toxic items you use on a regular basis and exchange for natural products.

3-Toxic Test
If you live in a home that was built before the early 80’s, have it tested for products that were allowed in that era. Although our standards in the US are not that stringent in comparison to Europe, we have improved some criteria in regards to toxins that are part of the building process. Lead and asbestos are two building materials that come to mind. Have your home tested so that you are aware of what you are breathing in each day.

4-Plant Purification
There are several ways to purify the air in your indoor environment. One fabulous way that will also add to the ambiance is to include plants. Plants are a natural air purifier and will help remove chemicals from the air you breathe.

These 4 Simple Solutions will set the tone & tempo for your spring and help you begin to clean and clear the air in your environment so that you can live your best, most healthy, vibrant life!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



Photo Credit: Artist Alice Dalton Brown – Blues Come Through, Oil on Canvas, 1999