Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.21.14 AMDo you ever have the sensation that what you are dreaming of or hoping for in your home and life is not happening as fast as you would like? We live in a culture that wants a quick fix. I do believe that things can happen at a more rapid rate when you align your goals and intentions with a space that supports and nurtures those dreams.

That being said, I also want to share another element that is important to incorporate when dreaming big… you are dreaming big, right?

Here is a behind the scenes look at how an Elite Athlete makes his vision a reality…

The world watched the Patriots win their 5th Super Bowl a few weeks ago. It was a game of records!

Literally, so many Super Bowl records were recorded that day. The celebration centered on quarterback, Tom Brady, who had a groundbreaking performance that night. What most people don’t know is that behind the scenes there is strategic planning that takes place for the athlete on a mental and physical level that allows them to create the results they are hoping to achieve in their life. The attention to detail and the amount of time goes far beyond the rigorous training sessions that the team endures in-season and off-season. Far beyond….

Brady’s life, health and home are set up to allow him to succeed. His home has organic gardens, a chicken coup, an AMAZING gym and an overall feeling of casual relaxation, along with inspirational art that inspire greatness. This home environment sets him up for success. He can eat foods that are healthful, work out in a stellar space, can relax from his demanding life and is continuously encouraged on an unconscious level by objects in his environment. This is all a great formula!

Additionally, Brady and his trainer plan out his workout routines 3 years in advance! 3-YEARS! Initially I questioned the reasoning behind this. Why would you plan a workout routine when you wouldn’t know what will happen with your body? But, then my trainer explained it to me, and it all made sense. And, I realized that it is congruent with the H.O.M.E. Method of the Home in Harmony Lifestyle. SO I had to share it with you. Let me explain…

Tom Brady has a goal… a BIG GOAL!

He wants to win the Super Bowl (again) and break lots of records. That goal doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, he needs to plan out what it will take to get him to that goal and break it down into manageable steps that will get him to his goal. This can sometimes take time. When he and his trainer set a goal, let’s say, throw at a certain distance at a certain speed. This takes a plan that is set up in steps.

His trainer will look at his currents habits (H) and ability. The trainer will look at what the goal or objective (O) is and what are the manageable steps (M) to get there. Then it takes innate energy (E) and encouragement to keep Tom moving down the path to realize his goal.

Tom Brady and his trainer have things mapped out in a 3-year plan. I get that now. If I want to run a marathon, it is going to take me a long duration to get to a fitness and endurance level to get there. I am going to break it down into manageable steps to get there.

If I want to set my home up for success, I can’t snap my fingers and have it happen. It takes steps to get it to the place that is aligned with my vision.

Brady knows what it takes to be a top performer. He uses his home environment to set him up for success and he puts a strategic plan in place to allow him to bring his dreams to fruition. When the press asked Tom if he was ready to retire, I knew that wasn’t part of his 3-year plan.

Let me ask you, what is your Big Goal?
What is your 3-year plan to achieve that goal?
Is your environment setting you up for success?

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



Photo Credit: Arch Digest