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No sooner were the plates cleared from Thanksgiving, attention shifted to focus on Black Friday, shopping and the holidays ahead.  It felt different this year with the momentum and interest of holiday shopping and to-do lists being more intense than years passed. In many ways it made me miss the cadence of ease and grace that permeated the holiday season when my children were young or before the days of “Black Friday”.

I heard stories of friends joining the throngs of shoppers late night on Thanksgiving. In some cases waiting in lines just to enter the store! In one case, the midnight shopping revelers stopped for sustenance at the mall Chinese restaurant, which as they recounted, added to their all-ready over-indulged, sluggish energy level and expanding waist.

Is this what the holidays are about? Does any of this make you happy, feel good physically, or increase your energy?

Before you get caught up in the marketing and social dynamics that are all around you, let’s give you a safe haven in your home that will create happiness and vibrant health so you can sail through the holiday season with ease and grace.  Today’s article will give you 8 Simple Solutions to move through the holiday season feeling, lighter, brighter and energized by this merry time of year.

Tis’ the season to be merry and bright. However this can be challenging if you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out. Let’s look at 8 Simple Solutions to help you navigate this time of year with ease and grace so that you feel energized, joyful and calm.

  • Meaningful Connections: How many times have you been out to dinner and watched people consumed by their phones instead of the yummy meal and great company in front of them. Make meaningful connections at your dinner table by asking people to put the technology away. You may find that people actually have a difficult time relating to one another if it is not through a screen. Plan ahead and have questions ready to encourage conversations. Something like, “Name one quality you like, love or respect about each person at the table… maybe explain a story that illustrates that characteristic.”
  • Serene Scents: Aromas of pine trees and cinnamon can waft through the air during this festive season. Just make sure that in your home you are using pure, natural scents and not chemical laden air fresheners and toxic candles that create dis-ease in the body. If you don’t have time to bake an apple pie, warm some mulled cider with a stick of cinnamon on your stove for a delicious aroma that will have everyone day dreaming about apple pie.
  • Mood lighting: Candles are a beautiful way to set the mood for a space. Use natural candles from pure wax instead of candles made from paraffin wax which off-gasses highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned. These chemicals are known carcinogens and are the same toxins found in diesel fuel fumes… something you don’t want to inhale inside your healthy home!
  • Flower Power: One of the plants that is often correlated with the holiday season is the Poinsettia plant. This beautifully colored plant acts as an air purifier absorbing formaldehyde and other noxious chemicals.
  • Sunlight Savvy: If you are feeling more stress or sadness it could be triggered by not getting enough sunlight. Sunlight helps to stimulate your feel-good hormone serotonin, which relieves seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You can either spend time outside or sit near a window that gets plenty of sun. Make sure to open your shades and let the light into your home.
  • Harmony Habits: Sticking to your daily habits that are life enhancing is critical this time of year. Don’t get thrown off course. Make it a priority to include your typical workouts, eating habits, sleep schedule and self-care regimen into your daily routine. If you get off course one day, get back on the next.
  • Clear Clutter: Clutter impacts your ability to think and function. Clear the piles in the places and spaces that impact you every day. These areas drain your life energy and inhibit you from making clear decisions.
  • Quite Moments: Schedule in some quite moments for you and perhaps those you love. Are you constantly on the go, feeling drained and overwhelmed. Schedule in time at home where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate. This will allow you to accomplish more! The restored you is able to be more efficient and effective when you are running on a recharged battery verses one that is depleted and drained.

Hopefully these 8 Simple Solutions will help you design a holiday season filled with joy, peace and harmony.

As always, if you have additional tips to maneuver gracefully through the holidays, the Home in Harmony community & I would love to hear from YOU! Leave your helpful comments below and Thank You for sharing your inspiration!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary




Image Credit: HGTV dot com