Blog 11-24-15 2I wanted to send a quick note today because I wanted to share 2 quick tips for harmony during the holiday! I am currently only able to type with one hand because of a sporting injury that sprained my wrist, so I will make it easy & effective. Let me give you two Simple Solutions that will help you create inner holiday harmony.

We’ve all heard that intentions, affirmations or mantras can help you with mindset issues or thought patterns. I believe you can utilize this concept in your environment as well.  In this week’s article I will explain!

For all of our community celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, I want to personally wish you a harmonious holiday! I also want to send a heartfelt thank you to YOU for being you and wish you an abundance of blessings!

I love the fact that you can use your environment to direct your mind to begin creating the ideal vision of your life. If you are hoping to have a harmonious holiday than set your environment up for success instead of distress!

Your external environment gives you cues that you react to as you move through your home or office space.  Observe what reactions your environment is triggering you to feel emotionally & physically.

Begin to notice if there are stressors that add anxiety to your life and begin to eliminate those things or items from your space. Even be mindful when you walk into other people’s homes or workspaces! How do these places & spaces make you feel? Consciously being aware will help you manage your reactions. Maybe it is an environment or item in the environment that is making you uncomfortable or anxious. For example, I recently stayed in a hotel room in NYC and the main piece of art had mixed messages. They were positive & negative memorable headlines that were featured in the New York Times over the years. (The picture is posted above.) As you can see, it isn’t the most calming piece of art to have in a bedroom and there are many messages that could trigger someone to feel anxiety. Begin to look around your home and see if there are items that might be triggering your emotional state.

Next, add something to your environment that will help you connect to whatever emotion you are hoping to feel this holiday. Do you want to feel calm in the midst of family chaos? Perhaps peace and gratitude? What could you include in your environment that will help remind you to take a deep breath despite any upheaval? It can be as simple as putting a sticky note saying, “Breathe, You’ve got this!” Place this in a kitchen drawer that you will open regularly throughout your day to remind yourself to tap into that feeling that you can breathe through this with ease & grace and that you have the strength to get through anything! Take a minute right now to decide what messages would most support you during the holidays. Now, create or find something that will help to connect you to that feeling.

Once you’ve had a chance to decide what would most support you this holiday season, I would love to hear from you!  Share your inspiration in the comments below! Did you have an idea how to include it in your environment? Share that too! I really believe that “it takes a village” to do anything from raising kids to helping create a Home in Harmony. Your comment could help someone who is feeling just like you!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



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