“Connecting to Your Inner Light”…Do you remember what you enjoyed doing as a child? What are those things that make your Soul sing today? Are you radiating blissful joy and fulfillment as you walk through your day? You can feel the peace, serenity and joy every moment of every day. Let me help you connect to the part of you that knows this is possible. Peace, harmony, joy and abundance are waiting for you. Honor yourself and begin the connection.

What is your Utopia?

IMG_2333 Do you live in Utopia? Or are you like the two-thirds of people who are dissatisfied with their life? I was recently at a celebration of “A life-well-lived”. It was a Bon Voyage Party for my grandmother-in-law. She was 96 and had lived a full life profoundly touching the people around her. One of the tributes that day made me reflect on her life, my life and your life. The messenger conveyed how Grandma Teddy had visualized a utopian life that included family and a close-knit community Read more [...]

Are You Happy?

Life Is Too Short Image How do you put “Happy” in your day? Seriously. I challenge you to notice whether you are feeling happy for the majority of your day, or not. “Happy” is the mode you were meant to live in and be in for the majority of your time. “Happy” helps you thrive. Do you feel like you are thriving? I put “Happy” in quotation marks because “Happy” is a relative term. What makes me happy might be completely different for you. “Happy” is defined as feeling pleasure and contentment. Read more [...]

The Color Blueprint for Business & Life Balance

paint fan deck Today I am excited to speak to a group of women who come together to Believe, Inspire and Grow. The organization, BIG, asked me to speak on business, branding and life balance. As I thought about how to convey the lessons that I have learned over the years that have helped me design a flourishing business, create branding & marketing success and find balance in the midst of daily chaotic living, I decided to weave into the discussion the importance of color in each area. You might ask, “Why Read more [...]

Success Strategy for All Areas of Your Life

Newsletter Image 3-24-15 Are you wishing you felt that sensation of loving your home every time you walk through the door? Or, are you yearning for that sense of calm instead of frantically just trying to get through the chaos of each day? Do you sometimes dream that you were living your passion & purpose and making a difference in the world while abundantly being rewarded for your impact & influence? Although these 3 areas seem so vastly different, the way to attain the results in the least amount of time is the Read more [...]

Create Home, Health & Happiness!

Summer Dock on Water Image From the time I was a child I have always felt that the 1st day of school marks the beginning of the year more so than New Year’s Day. Despite the fact that I have gone through periods of time untethered by the school calendar, that feeling hasn’t changed. I feel the shift in every aspect of my being but especially when I am outdoors. As we sat on our back deck this past weekend, surrounded by family, the sun-drenched space was exceptionally hot so we decided to venture up to the pool. We Read more [...]