This will sabotage you!

blog-image-1-9-17 Do you have a big imagination? Your imagination can be a huge asset or it can turn your life upside-down. I share this because often times with the New Year people are excited and nervous about what will transpire in the year ahead. Take a moment to answer these 3 questions… What are you excited about in 2017? What are you nervous about in 2017? What is the movie reel playing in your mind’s eye showing you what is going to happen in 2017? The movie reel is your imagination. Read more [...]

Here’s How to Release Overwhelm

photo-credit-insights-dot-dice-dot-com What if I told you that you CAN move out of overwhelm… even during the holiday season? We have been focusing on Overcoming Overwhelm this month because this is one of the areas that is most frustrating, according to feedback from the Home in Harmony community! When you are feeling overwhelmed, the feeling of needing more time creates more stress and overwhelm. I completely understand! When I begin to have the overwhelm sensation creep into my life, I usually ask for guidance from the Universe Read more [...]

8 Tips to have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Home & Life

img_2826 Did you feel it too? No sooner were the plates cleared from Thanksgiving, attention shifted to focus on Black Friday, shopping and the holidays ahead.  It felt different this year with the momentum and interest of holiday shopping and to-do lists being more intense than years passed. In many ways it made me miss the cadence of ease and grace that permeated the holiday season when my children were young or before the days of “Black Friday”. I heard stories of friends joining the throngs Read more [...]

Goals Your Manifestation Station

img_1374 A year ago I declared that my intention for 2016 was  “The Year of Travel”.  Eleven months in, I look back and marvel at how my intention not only came to pass but also exceeded my expectations and hopes on every level. I went to Europe on four occasions and spent time in Florence, Prague, Munich and London. On one adventure I witnessed my daughter playing in the World Selects Hockey Tournament against Olympic qualifying teams from Italy and Russia. On another trip I was blessed to stay Read more [...]

Quick Tips for Disruption Chaos

Blog Image 8-9 As I sit here on a transatlantic flight above the clouds, returning from the World Select Hockey Tournament in Prague & Munich, I begin to consider ways to make the “re-entry” into life gracefully manageable. With a recent increase in travel, both personally and professionally; I am realizing that a system for keeping family life, health, personal wellbeing and business rolling along as smoothly as the wheels on a plane roll down the runway, is imperative. It made the proverbial wheels in Read more [...]