It is essential to understand that the old adage, “You are what you eat” is really a true statement. Are you aware that the majority of commercially manufactured food items are laden with toxic chemicals that become ‘stuck‘in our bodies creating fatigue, weight gain and dis-ease in our bodies? Or, are you eating Miracle Rich Foods that restore your body’s natural function, increase your energy and allow you to have the body you have always dreamed of? Do you feel alive with vitality and energy or are you fatigued and feeling sick?

Enjoy Health in an Unhealthy World

Words Image Do you ever wish you were immune to the different types of dis-ease in the world today? Between the growing prominence of cancer, the Ebola scare, and the spike of Enterovirus D68 it is understandable to feel concern for your health.  Thankfully knowledge is Power.  Knowledge gives you the power of choice. (A formula I refer to as Knowledge=Power=Choice.) When you understand how things truly work you are able to make informed decisions that allow you the opportunity to make and create choices that Read more [...]

Mood and Food

Mood and Food Image At Home in Harmony Headquarters we are always excited to share ways to help you live your best life! In some articles we focus on the many different ways to design an inspired home, sometimes we focus on building a strong, healthy body, we may look at ways to find calm in the midst of chaos or we find inspiration around passion & purpose.  Each of these areas or ‘pillars’ is critical in helping you design your inspired life. In this 2nd article, in the two part series on food, color, mood Read more [...]

What is the Color of Your Food?

Food Color Image This week’s blog is one in a two part series on food, color, mood and energy! Part 1:  The Color of Food Have you ever noticed the color of the food you are eating? I mean, overall? If you had to take an average day, let’s say yesterday, what was the main color? What were the spectrum of colors you included in your food fuel yesterday?  I ask because our food affects our moods, energy level and overall vitality.  In our family, we did a lot of celebrating this weekend. On Saturday we celebrated Read more [...]

Secrets to Health, Home, & Happiness

HiHMC Banner 230x192-2 I hope the first day of April has you feeling energized with a spring in your step! It is exhilarating to hear birds chirping, see the buds starting to push their way towards the sky and feel the chill begin to thaw as the sun warms the earth.  It is a time of new beginnings, rebirth and renewal! Do you feel the energy? I am excited to share that we have caught spring fever at Home in Harmony Headquarters! A seed was planted in the Fall and the fruit of this labor of love is about to be revealed! Read more [...]

Do You Have Cancer Anxiety?

It's A New Year In this blog I want to touch on a somber reality that affects so many of us.  It is my hope that amidst the anxiety and stress I can bring knowledge and hope that can lead you out of the darkness and into an empowered state of being. Unfortunately the statistics on cancer rates are staggering.  The reality is that 1 in 4 deaths in the US are due to cancer.  Along with this sobering truth, the average person holds more than 700 contaminants that become stuck in their bodies wreaking havoc, literally Read more [...]