Words ImageDo you ever wish you were immune to the different types of dis-ease in the world today? Between the growing prominence of cancer, the Ebola scare, and the spike of Enterovirus D68 it is understandable to feel concern for your health.  Thankfully knowledge is Power.  Knowledge gives you the power of choice. (A formula I refer to as Knowledge=Power=Choice.) When you understand how things truly work you are able to make informed decisions that allow you the opportunity to make and create choices that support your health. In this week’s article let’s look at some simple solutions that give you the knowledge necessary to empower you to make the best choices for you to create home, health and happiness!

In today’s world the toxins that are part of daily living inundate us. We often don’t realize how prevalent they are! A few days ago I went out for my daily run to release physiological and psychological toxins from my body. I enjoy this time each day taking in the blue sky, beautiful foliage and the smell of the sea air.   Unfortunately, it happened to be a day where there were an inordinate amount of trucks, buses and even industrial lawn mowers on the road.  I was left gasping for clean air! (I tend to hold my breath when I run by billowing black fumes puffing out behind big heavy trucks.) Unfortunately many of the toxins we come in contact with are not so obvious. It is critical to gain an understanding of where they are and how they impact your health and wellbeing.

Toxins can be found in most household items that are synthetic. These synthetics disrupt hormones, can cause allergies, are linked to cancer, and basically create havoc in the body. They lower your immune system, and deplete your body’s ability to fend off things like the common cold.  Becoming aware of what items are made of before they enter your home is the first line of defense. Swapping out synthetic items for healthier natural items is the next step. Choose the items you bring into your home carefully because you are your best safeguard.

When we begin this journey of healthy living it is sometimes hard to believe that the outdoor environment with its trucks billowing puffs of black exhaust could be less harmful than the air inside your home. Unfortunately that is the stark reality. For good reason, our focus has been on creating energy efficient homes.  However, this has exacerbated the problem of indoor air quality. When windows, doors, and cracks are sealed it is great for our heating & cooling bills and it is also energy efficient. But, without those air leaks your home is sealed up tight without the ability to breathe. It traps the air inside your home that is filled with the off-gasses from the myriad of products you have chosen. It is critical to throw open windows to ventilate the space. And, of course, make healthful choices when determining which items to bring through your door.

As I mentioned earlier, I take my daily run to release physiological and psychological toxins from my mind and body. It is a scientific fact that the toxins from our world become trapped in the body if you do not take action to release them. When they become stuck in your body, dis-ease is created. For those spelling bee fans you are probably wondering why I say dis-ease instead of disease. Well, our natural state is a state of ease and grace. When your body or mind is out of alignment it throws that natural process off and creates dis-ease in the body or mind. One way to bring your body back into alignment from too many toxins is to make a habit of sweating them out! Sweat is one of the most effective ways to release toxins. It helps to naturally balance your physiological state and with all of those happy hormones pumping it boosts your immune system and your mood!

Toxins are a fact of daily living in the modern world. Gaining an understanding of toxins and how they impact you will empower you to make choices to enjoy health, vitality and ease in an unhealthy world.

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Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



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