The Harmony Kit! 

The Harmony Kit is my gift to you for joining the Home in Harmony Lifestyle Community! It provides 4 tools to help you begin creating an inspired, vibrant, & healthy home, body, mind and spirit. Enjoy your Harmony Kit!

The Harmony Kit Includes 4 Tools:

  • The "Ten Ways to Harmonize Your Home, Body, Mind, and Spirit Special Report" will give you 10 simple solutions to help you take action to begin designing your inspired life and create an Inspire Home, Healthy Body, Calm & Clear Mind, and Connect you to your Inner Light!
  • The "Harmony Meditation Audio" will help you find calm, harmony, and a sense of peace in this fast-paced world!
  • The "Harmony Wheel" will help you assess which areas of your life are rolling along smoothly, and which areas need attention to help you move along your journey with ease and effortless grace!
  • The "Toxin Card" is a reference card that you can stick in your wallet that will help you make healthful choices when shopping for items to bring home!

Get FREE Access to the Harmony Kit plus Receive Weekly Lifestyle Tips! (total value $89.00)

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Alicia Howes
Christa is a wise, passionate and heart-centred expert focused on helping us to live in harmony with our best selves at every level.   She’s also a beautiful speaker and always tailors her message to hone in on her client’s or listeners’ needs.  I’ve worked with Christa privately and interviewed her for one of my programmes.  Whenever I connect with her, I always learn something new, get a practical, easy-to-implement takeaway and feel inspired to live my very best.  I’m delighted to recommend her to you if you’re looking to increase your personal or family’s health and well-being. She reminds me that life is a gift – as is she! Alicia Howes
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