Real Birch Log Candle Holder Set

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Made from real wood birch logs. These candle holders are the real thing and not made from resin. They are made to hold tea light candles and are stained on the top to preserve the log and felt covered on the bottom to protect your furniture. (Tea light Candles Included) Size Approx. 4.5″, 6″ and 7.5″ These Birch Log candle sets come packaged in a signature red Bineshii gift box. The candles holders rest on a bed of fresh Aspen wood shavings surrounded by pine cones and fresh cedar evergreen for the crisp natural scent. Our red gift boxes are placed inside a shipping box so there are no labels or tape to blemish it and no need to wrap! (IF IT’S NOT IN A RED BOX IT’S NOT FROM BINESHII!)

  • Made from real wood birch logs!
  • Holds tea light candles
  • Felt protected bottoms to protect your furniture
  • Stained tops to protect the log
  • Packaged in a red Bineshii signature gift box, no need to wrap!
  • Tea light canles included!