Numi Organic Tea Chamomile Lemon, Herbal Teasan, 18-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 3)

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Numi’s Chamomile Lemon is the perfect bedtime herbal teasan. A sweet and calming infusion of Egyptian chamomile flowers and bright, tangy lemon myrtle, an indigenous herb from the rainforests of Australia, Chamomile has been used since ancient times and was favored by the Pharaohs. When brewed this teasan glows with the warmth of sunshine and imparts a lingering calm brushed with citrus murmurings. Along the banks of the Nile River where our organic Chamomile grows, Fair Trade has provided marriage loans to assist young couples and all workers are given shares in the company. About Numi: Numi is a labor of love by a brother and sister. She is the artist and he is the alchemist behind all of Numi’s blends. Their exceptional-tasting teas are captured in unique blends that use the highest quality organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced directly from fair labor gardens. Numi combines premium full-leaf quality teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices.

  • Box of 18 organic tea bags
  • Sweet, calming, caffeine-free infusion of Egyptian chamomile flowersand Australian Lemon Myrtle
  • 100% real, organic, Fair Trade Certified, non-GMO verified tea and ingredients
  • Boxes are made with 100% recycled material and a minimum of 85% post-consumer waste; Tea bags are biodegradable and compostable