Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 with Cookbook

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The HUROM® Premium Slow Juicer/Smoothie Maker, with its brand new patented Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap, allows users to easily make delicious juices in addition to nutritious smoothies made with frozen fruit, mixed drinks, and purees. Control how the amount of pulp in your juice with the Pulp Control Lever, mix ingredients inside the juicer bowl and clean up easily with the Juice Cap. Using the included Fine and Coarse strainers, it’s now possible to juice anything from bananas and avocados to kale, wheatgrass, even nuts and soybeans. Additional Information: Easy to use and easy to clean with minimal parts and no sharp blades Compact, lightweight, and silent Energy-efficient, uses only 150W of energy 100% BPA-free Large Tritan® magnetic safety bowl with measuring scale, Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap Durable motor comes with a strong 10 year warranty BPA-free juice and pulp containers nest for easy storage Two cleaning brushes. Hopper lid keeps dust out of the juicer during storage Coarse and Fine strainers.

  • Using Hurom’s cold-pressing system, 35% more juice is extracted from your foods than with traditional high-speed juicers, leaving less and drier pulp when juicing. The patented Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap integrate the pulp into delicious, nutrient-dense smoothies.
  • The new Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap allow users to determine the level of pulp they want in their juices or to make smoothies or blended beverages quickly and easily.
  • Hurom Premium Slow Juicer/Smoothie Maker can easily process both fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy to make a variety of juices, smoothies, blended beverages, milks, sauces, marinades, even baby food.
  • Hurom’s durable motor has a 10-year warranty, uses only 150 watts of energy and is practically silent.
  • By choosing between juicing and smoothies, as well as pulp level in their juices, users have the ability to decide how much solid fiber they consume in their juices.