New Year's Blog Image 1-2-18 2Happy New Year!

The New Year is an obvious time of reflection and a chance to decide what we want to create for the year ahead. Both are important, otherwise you get stuck in the same place (figuratively and literally) year after year.

So, what were your dreams that you envisioned would come to fruition in 2017?

Can you remember back to 1/1/2017 and what your hopes and dreams were on that day? Take a moment and really connect to what that was.

Was your goal or resolution to get more organized, feel less stress, lose weight, quit a bad habit, work out more often, travel more, make better financial decisions, self improvement, create success in your work world, live in a beautiful space or meet your soul mate?

Did you make it happen?

The reality is this… 41% of people in our culture create goals for the New Year. Unfortunately studies show that 90.8% of those that set a resolution will fail.  And, nearly half of those individuals who set resolutions will have forgotten about their goals in the first 30 days.

So, how can you make this year different? Better? How can you stick to your ideal vision that is summarized in your New Year’s Resolution?

Well, the answer is simple… you need a plan and a partner!

Let’s use the example of clearing clutter….


You need a plan to clear the clutter in your home and brain. You are tired of being disorganized and feeling overwhelmed. It always feels like there is more stuff than space. Can you relate?

It is time to design a plan that is easy and actionable. Something that allows you to do small chunks each day. Each day you choose a space (preferably small) that you can clear and organize. This daily actionable routine helps it be top of mind, which allows it to develop into a positive, life-affirming habit.

Break the pieces down in to small parts. The reason that the Clutter Clearing 14-Day Challenge is so effective is that each “task” is small and simple. I had one mother share with me that her 8 year old did the challenge with her. If an 8 year old can do it, so can you. That’s the point; make each step in your plan so simple that an 8 year old can do it!


Having someone hold you accountable to your vision is a tested and proven method to reach your goal… whatever it is!

Similar to the mom who shared that she and her daughter did the Clutter Clearing 14-Day Challenge together, it is important to find someone who knows you have made the commitment and will hold you accountable. Find a friend, family member to cheer you on or hire an expert or coach to guide you. Make sure it is someone who is truly in your corner. Statistics show that having an accountability partner exponentially increases your ability to reach your goals.

Taking the time to assess the achievement and failure of your past New Year’s resolution and goal is a great way to determine how successful your efforts will be in 2018. Don’t let this be another year where, as Alphonse Karr said, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

Break out of the mindset trap that keeps you stuck in the same place. You deserve to design a life that is exceptional!

The time is now. The person is you. Make a plan that will work today!

Happy Soaring!

Christa O'Leary



PS…Now that the holidays are over, let’s focus on you! Let’s make this your best year yet. My goal is to give you a strong foundation starting today to help you feel happiness, less stress and confidently in control of your life!  That is why we created the Holiday Rescue Package! It will give you tools to create a strong foundation for your life now and for all of 2018!


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