Breathing 101 Image From mindbodycoach.orgHave you taken a deep breath lately?  Or, are you caught up in the craze of the holiday season?

Your breath is a great way to connect to your internal emotional barometer. Is it deep and full, short and quick or are you holding it in?

Take a few moments throughout your day to assess your breath. This will guide you in knowing your level of stress.

If you find your breath is a little quicker than usual or you find yourself holding it in, it is time to make adjustments! Sometimes it is easier to change your internal emotional barometer just by changing your breath. This is true when the hectic holiday season is here or when any of life’s bumps spring up and block you on your journey.

If you know that you have to go through an anxiety provoking experience or if one finds its way on your path… focus on your breath.

Take a deep breath in for a slow count of 5. Hold it at the top of the breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale for a count of 5. When you have reached the bottom of your breath and you feel “empty” of breath, hold that for a few seconds. And then, slowly repeat. Do this breathing exercise 5 times.

Think about how you felt before and now notice how you feel after.  Hopefully some of the stress you had has dissipated away.  The great thing is that when you relieve some of your stress you are able to think more clearly, make better decisions, be more creative and have more fun. 

It is critical to notice when your stress is starting to build because it impacts so many areas of your life. The easiest way to assess your stress level is to notice your breath.  You can then get relief by releasing it with the breathing exercise mentioned above.

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Happy Holidays!

Christa O'Leary



Image Credit: mindbodycoach dot org