Blog Image 9-6-2017Where do your thoughts usually take you? Do they meander down a path of beautiful fragrant flowers or wind down a trail of pointed rocks?  Is your home set up to encourage positivity or to exhaust your life energy?

What you focus on creates your reality, so it is important to begin to notice if you are focusing on the positive or the negative. If you tend to focus a bit more on the negative, let me share a quick story on how I changed my thought which helped me turn something aggravating into something I sought out and enjoyed.

I will also share one Simple Solution that you can include in your environment to help you focus on things that bring a smile to your beautiful face!

This is an example of how I caught my thought in midair and changed my mind on how I would think about the experience. Noticing your thoughts is the first step in an awareness of whether your thoughts are dragging you down or helping you soar.

There is about 10-15 feet of rocks between our beach stairs and the sandy beach and lapping water that waits. It can be a bit precarious trying to maneuver let alone carry large items like paddle-boards over. Each step hurts. It can make the strongest among us cringe as their delicate feet try to maneuver the rocks without bending over and wincing in pain.

As simple and silly as it sounds, the rocks are annoying.  We have been blessed to be in this beach cottage for three years. Every day I wake up in gratitude (positive) and then look out the window to see if the tides have carried more rocks in (negative) or washed them out on the currents.

One day this summer, I was about to descend the beach stairs, staring at the rocks and lugging my paddle-board… a memory flashed to my conscious awareness.  It was a recollection of being at the La Costa Spa in Southern California. By the spa pool, I had purposefully chosen to meander a rock garden meditation labyrinth, stepping thoughtfully on the pointed rocks with bare feet. The “goal” was both the mediation and the acupressure benefits that helped the body.

In that moment on the beach stairs, I decided to change my mind on how I viewed the rocks at the bottom of the stairs. Instead, I would set the intention that with each step, a rock would hit a needed acupressure point that would benefit my body. This practice was a benefit to body, mind and spirit.  I actually began to look forward to descending the stairs knowing that I was supporting myself… the dreaded rocks turned into a practice of self-care.

What thoughts in your life are draining you and dragging you down? Is there an area in or around your house that is annoying or frustrating?

Noticing is the first step.

Can you take action to either change the negative thought provoking area in your environment or in your mind?

I would Love to hear from you! Share your example here or on the Home in Harmony Facebook page.

P.S. If you need help changing your home environment or or internal environment (thoughts) from one that depletes you to one that sets you up for happiness & success, click here to schedule your Success Strategy Call to see if Christa can help you!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary