Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.47.37 AM (1)If you have heard me speak at any point, whether in person, on the radio, Internet or TV you have inevitably heard me say, “Your home either supports and nurtures you or it drains your energy.” This is true on all levels… psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Today I want to make the connection between your home and your physical body. Most people don’t realize what an important role your home plays in your level of health. In this article we will focus on the health of your home & body and give you simple solutions to create the healthiest environment for you.

The air you breath as you walk around outside is filled with industrial pollutants. Studies have shown that the 5 most toxic industrial chemicals were found in the tissues of 100% of those sampled. 100%! This is an important statistic to understand because it suggests that as you and I go about our day we are inadvertently breathing in toxic substances as we walk down the street or go to the park. Unfortunately these toxins become stuck in our bodies and create havoc including dis-ease. Well, if that statistic isn’t bad enough, studies have shown that our indoor environments are many times more contaminated with pollutants than the air we breathe outdoors. The average person brings home 80,000 chemicals in the products they purchase. Let’s look at two…

Fragrance is in so many products that literally touch our lives. According to the National Academy of Sciences, 95 percent of the compounds used to make fragrances are synthetic materials derived from petroleum or petrochemicals in a laboratory. These chemicals are known to create dis-ease in the body. Fragrance has been categorized with second hand smoke. It is in everything from toilet bowl cleaning products to perfume. Begin to eliminate the amount of items that you bring home that have fragrance in them.

Although there is greater awareness in recent years about VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), ambiguity still exists around what they are and the degree to which they impact health. Let’s clear up any questions. “Organic” in “volatile organic compound” signifies that the substance contains carbon. “Volatile,” means that the compound evaporates easily at room temperature. This means it is easy to breath in. Unfortunately, VOCs are actually linked to cancer; respiratory issues; and damage to the liver, kidneys, and the central nervous system. Unfortunately VOCs are in many household products including cleaning products, hairspray, dry-cleaning, carpeting and paint (just to name a few!) VOCs also have a cumulative effect on the body. The more exposure creates more damage. With so many household items off-gassing noxious VOCs, it is important to be proactive in decreasing their impact—or to eliminate them, if possible. One simple solution to diminish the level of VOCs in your space is to choose no-VOC paint. Milk paints and recycled paints are a great option. When you do decide to paint that perfect hue for your home haven, make sure you throw the windows open and ventilate for as long as possible!

Begin to develop an understanding of what you are bringing into your home and breathing in. Your home either nurtures and supports your health or it depletes you and creates dis-ease. Designing a healthful haven will positively impact your health, vitality and overall well-being.

I would love to hear from you! What unhealthy product did you eliminate from your home? Did you switch to something that was healthier? Please share!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



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  • Virginia Reeves

    We’ve used biodegradable products for our body soap and household needs for about 40 years. Once in a while, I get a chemical cleaner but it is rare. My husband and I can hardly go down aisles in a store where there are fragrance enhanced products. Use essential oils on my skin and in a diffuser.

    • Christa O’Leary

      I can relate to having a hard time in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store and the pet product aisle! Thank you for sharing Virginia! We would love to know your favorite brands… especially because you have been testing items for 40 years!

      • Virginia Reeves

        We use Neo-Life products (green soap is great), based in California. They use individuals to sell. I currently use doTerra essential oils. There are so many items out there – sometimes you have to test and see how your body reacts.