safe haven home imageI began to write this blog a few weeks ago but was unsure of whether to further explore the topic. I wasn’t sure if a discussion would add to the sense of sadness or instill a sense of hope. I decided to share my words that were written a week before any violence transpired in Germany because I thought it would be helpful to give you solutions to finding calm in the midst of chaos….

We live in a world of contrast. After a wonderful night out at our favorite Italian café with our kids, we came home to the deplorable news of the attacks in Nice, France. I asked one of our older children if they had heard the news. Their response was one of normalized sadness. What do I mean when I say that? I mean that in this time and space, incidences of mass assaults are becoming part of the world culture. A new norm. In this week’s article I think it is important to talk about this phenomena, what you can do and how you (& we) can instill harmony inside our hearts, our homes and out into the world.

I know that a discussion regarding attacks seems far from a typical Home in Harmony topic of conversation. But, given the global climate it is an important conversation to have if you are to live in this world and feel at peace and in harmony while these occurrences happen at an increasing rate.

I was reading an article in USA Today by an Irish obstetrician who came with his wife & newborn son to the US for a year to be part of a research team. After the year was complete he chose to go back to Ireland and felt a sense of “relief” because statistics demonstrate that he & his family are less likely to be harmed in his native land of Ireland. I found this sad given that the “American Dream” has been about freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness for so many generations.

My husband and I were having a discussion about why terrorists attack specific countries and would our family be safe on our next international adventure that is only weeks away. One of the stops for the World Select Tournament (girl’s ice hockey) is in Munich, which has typically been a safe destination. Ironically, in the same USA Today there was also an article about refugees who have found shelter in Germany. Unfortunately, among the refugees, authorities have found a percentage of evacuees are radicalized and have arrived with the intention to convert others to their religious beliefs or do harm. I am amazed at the scope of the issue.

I share this because it was something that I needed to ponder as a mother who wants to keep her children safe as they travel the world.

I share this because I want to find ways to instill a sense of security and stability in my children, for our family and for you.

I share this because I want to impart a sense of deep peace and inner & outer harmony to you, to your community and the big, beautiful world.

It is important to understand that living in a world that has chaos and violence can have an impact on your overall sense of well-being. Our bodies are not designed to function on a level of danger all of the time. When there is an immediate danger your body goes into “over-drive” sending a cascade of hormones and responses that allow you to get out of harms way. This response was never designed to be the default setting. It is not supposed to be the norm. It peaks, you respond and then it goes back to equilibrium to rejuvenate and restore. By understanding this you can take action to limit the extent of the influence. Unfortunately in a world where the new normal is a place where random acts of violence occur it is important to counter that with stress reducing methods that will help you rebalance and find grounding, harmony and peace.

You can use your home as a cue to connect to the calm instead of the chaos. Your home can be your safe haven and sanctuary to restore, balance and ground you. No matter how tumultuous the outside world gets your inner world can remain stable.

Cues & To Dos

Look around your home and find an object that represents peace, security and harmony. It can be anything from a saying you put on your fridge to a jar of sea glass sitting on the counter. If you don’t have anything, find something that represents the Universe being a safe, loving and protective force in your life. This simple step will trigger the subconscious part of your mind to unconsciously feel peace.

Make a plan to connect your environment with some much-needed deep breathing. Deep breathing allows your central nervous system to calm down and restore. Find something in your environment that will help to remind you to take a few deep breaths. Maybe it is every time you walk through a doorway, turn on your computer or switch a light on. Allow this cue to help you create a helpful habit that will bring harmony into your head & home.

Everyday make a point of reflecting on the beautiful, peaceful things you are grateful for. This will help you focus on the positivity that is all around you. What we focus on expands in our lives. This will allow you to bring more peace into your inner and outer world. You will be a beacon of light that will help illuminate any dark corners.

Our lives are a study in contrast. Finding ways to counter disharmony and connect to harmony will help you thrive in a world where disparity lives. My hope is that these Simple Solutions will help bring calm to you despite chaos.

I would love to hear the Simple Solutions that have helped you find peace when you hear of the sad events that sometimes take place in our complex world. Please share in our comments section! Your comment could help someone who is feeling overwhelmed by the world events!

Wishing you peace, harmony and light!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary