Clutter Pic-sunset.comAre you having trouble with clutter in your home, mind or business? I am constantly asked how to remove the chaos of clutter.

It seems that you and I are inundated with a barrage of things coming at us. These can be items in a store or on TV that are enticing or information on the web that piles up and clutters the mind. This inundation creates a sense of overwhelm and confusion. Whether it is items that tax the brain or clog the closet, this clutter is a heavy burden to bear leaving you feeling encumbered and depleted.

Let’s look at a few simple solutions to move you out from under the overload of stuff!


  • First realize that clutter taxes your mind, body & spirit. Initially the clutter that is clogging you closet or congesting your inbox is annoying and frustrating. This is when you are consciously aware of the clutter. It creates stress that impacts your mood, your ability to focus and sends stress hormones racing through your body. These are a few of the reasons why it is critical to tame the disarray. Unfortunately as the clutter lingers, our conscious angst begins to move to an unconscious annoyance that continues to fester and impact mind, body and spirit. You might be able to put the clutter on the backburner of your priority list and it might even begin to fade into the background of your consciousness. Unfortunately that just means it has shifted to your unconscious, which is still sabotaging your mood, ability to focus and triggering your stress hormones. This is the why behind the importance to tackle the disorder. Now let’s look at what you can do about it.
  • Whether it is your closet or computer, it will help you to start with a Simple Strategy. Having a go forward game plan will help keep you on track. Start by breaking the task up into categories that you will tackle each day or week. If it is the closet name all of your categories, such as pants, skirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. If it is your computer do the same, perhaps it is work emails, personal emails, kids schedules, etc.
  • Now that you have named your categories, place the items that are categorized together in the same area. Simple, right?
  • For the next 14 days, focus on 1 category each day and remove 1 to 2 items and send them off to a good cause or the trash bin of cyberspace. Each day pick a new category to focus on rotating through all of the categories. This will help to make the process of clearing the clutter manageable in your mind and actionable each day.

I was recently working with a client who was told that she should take everything out of her closet and dump it on the floor. She should then go through the massive pile.  I don’t know about you, but she & I agreed that this seemed like an overwhelming task to wrap one’s mind around.  Breaking this process down into tiny actionable steps allows the process to flow with ease and grace rather than leaving you feeling even more overwhelmed.

What area in your life do you need to clear the clutter? Is it your closet, desk or mind?

Take a deep breath and break the process down into manageable and actionable steps.

I’d love to hear from you… what clutter do you need to clear? Or, what is your favorite Clearing the Chaos of Clutter Tips that you can share to help another member of the Home in Harmony community? Leave your inspiring comment/s below!

Thank you for being part of the Home in Harmony Community and for reading, watching and sharing!

Happy Soaring!


Christa O'Leary



Image Credit: sunset dot com

  • Desley Buchanan

    Thanks so much


    This email was very timely for me. I just recently set a goal to trash as many emails as I could but having over 1,000 in one account and over 400 in another, the task to uncluttered my inbox became overwhelming. So, I decided to read my emails daily and pick two or three to search and delete all their old emails going back a year or more. But first deciding to keep or unsubcribe so that they will no longer continue up to clutter my inbox in the future.
    The funny thing is I have never looked at your emails until now. I was just about to hit the delete button to trash all your emails when I saw this one and decide to open it. It was a hidden treasure. Thank you 🙂
    I’m on a mission to uncluttered several areas of my life. I will have to resubmit my request to recieve emails once again from you…Lol.😄
    Sincerely, Rebecca