“Connecting to Your Inner Light”…Do you remember what you enjoyed doing as a child? What are those things that make your Soul sing today? Are you radiating blissful joy and fulfillment as you walk through your day? You can feel the peace, serenity and joy every moment of every day. Let me help you connect to the part of you that knows this is possible. Peace, harmony, joy and abundance are waiting for you. Honor yourself and begin the connection.

This will sabotage you!

blog-image-1-9-17 Do you have a big imagination? Your imagination can be a huge asset or it can turn your life upside-down. I share this because often times with the New Year people are excited and nervous about what will transpire in the year ahead. Take a moment to answer these 3 questions… What are you excited about in 2017? What are you nervous about in 2017? What is the movie reel playing in your mind’s eye showing you what is going to happen in 2017? The movie reel is your imagination. Read more [...]

Psychological Design Secret

Brain Image Do you know how your environment is impacting you? Is your environment making you feel exhausted, uninspired and joyless? Is it depleting your energy and inhibiting you from living the life you dream of living? In today’s article I will share some psychological secrets of how and why your environment can be setting you up for failure in your relationships, mood, health and business. Let’s take a look… Your brain and what it thinks on a conscious and unconscious level has a huge impact on Read more [...]

Humble, Kind, and Grounded

TG Image Have you heard Tim McGraw’s song “Humble & Kind”? Every time I hear the beautiful lyrics I think of my husband who embodies so much of the serenade and encourages our children to embrace these standards in their own character and way to engage with the world. I just learned that Tim wrote this song after he had dropped his daughter off at college. This is so appropriate as we embark on the next phase of parenting in our home. We are about to launch our oldest to university life and my hope Read more [...]

Parenting 101 will Create Your Success!

2-11-16 Blog Image-gettyimages dot com Today in yoga class a young mother mentioned she was having challenges with her middle child. The child preferred to be au-natural instead of donning clothes. The mother was quite distressed over the situation and the child who continuously challenged her. It made me think back to the parenting classes I taught when I was in grad school. The philosophy of the community center was to teach parents how to be firm, fair and consistent. After 18 years of parenting four children, I believe this gives Read more [...]

Need Direction?

Christa Image-Vlog 10-13-15 I want to give a special warm welcome to the new members of the Home in Harmony community! Thank YOU for being here! YOU helped make the Home in Harmony Master Class such a huge success!! Did you know that 6000 people listened to the inspiring interviews of more than 30 experts in the areas of home, health and happiness! We had people like you sharing their insightful thoughts, questions and feedback throughout the event. These comments, questions and observations have given me clarity on how Read more [...]