In our ever increasing, fast paced world we are inundated with constant stressors. Including your 24/7 ability to be in constant contact through technology and media. Gone are the 9 to 5 work days, replaced by stressful jobs, parenthood & volunteering with ever increased responsibilities. It is time to incorporate some form of stress management, relaxation and grounding technique that will allow you to take that much needed deep breath.

Goals Your Manifestation Station

img_1374 A year ago I declared that my intention for 2016 was  “The Year of Travel”.  Eleven months in, I look back and marvel at how my intention not only came to pass but also exceeded my expectations and hopes on every level. I went to Europe on four occasions and spent time in Florence, Prague, Munich and London. On one adventure I witnessed my daughter playing in the World Selects Hockey Tournament against Olympic qualifying teams from Italy and Russia. On another trip I was blessed to stay Read more [...]

Quick Tips for Disruption Chaos

Blog Image 8-9 As I sit here on a transatlantic flight above the clouds, returning from the World Select Hockey Tournament in Prague & Munich, I begin to consider ways to make the “re-entry” into life gracefully manageable. With a recent increase in travel, both personally and professionally; I am realizing that a system for keeping family life, health, personal wellbeing and business rolling along as smoothly as the wheels on a plane roll down the runway, is imperative. It made the proverbial wheels in Read more [...]

Safe Haven

safe haven home image I began to write this blog a few weeks ago but was unsure of whether to further explore the topic. I wasn’t sure if a discussion would add to the sense of sadness or instill a sense of hope. I decided to share my words that were written a week before any violence transpired in Germany because I thought it would be helpful to give you solutions to finding calm in the midst of chaos…. We live in a world of contrast. After a wonderful night out at our favorite Italian café with our kids, we Read more [...]

Tame Your Technology & Inbox Inundation

cios dot com image Sunday I flew home on a romantic high after spending 5 solid days with my husband in the intoxicatingly beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Mid-morning I opened my computer in trepidation knowing I hadn’t checked emails in a number of days. The aftermath was clear, piles of emails had flooded in and I began to feel a knot grow in my belly. My romantic high quickly dissipated and slipped away into a deep abyss that felt like I was being strangulated by a serpent about to take me under murky waters Read more [...]

Do you know what is blocking you?

overwhelm- 200x237 Do you know what is blocking you? Did you know your home can help you “see” what those blocks are? I wanted to share an article I wrote in the Fall of 2014 that has some valuable tips at how your home can help you overcome mindset challenges that are holding you back. Your home can be the key to unlock the door to habits and patterns that are hindering your success in every area of your life. I would love to hear if there are hints your home is giving you… share your story on the Home Read more [...]